Management Team | Leading Expertise In-Situ Geothermic Fuel Cell for Hydrocarbon Extraction

Management Team

  • Proven entrepreneurial, technology, business and project development leadership
  • Numerous joint venture and resource acquisitions secured
  • Unconventional energy industry expertise

Alan K. Forbes

Alan K. Forbes, President and CEO
Mr. Forbes has launched and grown more than a dozen energy-related ventures during his 25-year tenure in the energy industry. His expertise spans advanced power generation systems, Internet security technologies, an energy industry portal, and monitoring and control systems. A desire to be an entrepreneur and private investor came after an impressive career including management positions with leading engineering firms including Fluor, Gibbs and Hill (acquired by Raytheon) and Kiewit. Leading came naturally as he successfully guided major projects for many top domestic and international energy organizations, including PG&E, Florida Power and Light, PacifiCorp, Xcel Energy, ARAMCO, and the governments of China and Pakistan.

Marshall T. Savage, Vice President, Technology Development
Marshall Savage was born with a visionary and innovative mind that he applies across broad entrepreneurial experience in a variety of fields including energy development. He is the inventor of Geothermic Fuel Cells and is responsible for primary technology development. This includes ongoing patent applications, design refinement, and prototype development. Mr. Savage was the founder and President of West Anvil Water & Power Company, which was established to develop the Webster Hill reservoir and hydropower project on the Colorado River. Mr. Savage joined a co-venture with the Shale Energy Corporation of America to develop an oil shale project on lands owned by the Savage family. The Savage family is very active in the development of natural gas, real estate, water, timber, and wind power. Mr. Savage continues to participate in all of these activities on a limited basis.

John R. BrownJohn R. Brown, Vice President, Corporate Finance
John Brown is an experienced financial strategist, having served as Chief Financial Officer in several private equity and venture stage companies. John nimbly meets the demands for the broad application of corporate finance skills including all accounting and finance functions, equity offerings, valuations, M&A and business planning. John brings a unique background in managing dramatic change in organizations with high growth trajectories and market-changing technologies, with a particular emphasis on helping lead early stage companies and ventures with their attendant venture finance requirements. John has worked within such companies as E&Y, PwC, Arrow Investments Ltd, Qwest and other smaller companies.

Mark WallMark Wall, Vice President, Operations
Mark Wall possesses more than 20 years of experience in engineering, product development, commercialization and manufacturing. His leadership includes heading up engineering teams and managing successful product development and new equipment design at Alcoa Packaging Machinery and Didde Press Systems. Mr. Wall gained the attention of IEP after playing a key role in the growth of a Denver-based industrial manufacturing company. Mr. Wall led the company into the aerospace industry and secured long-term agreements with major aerospace customers. Mr. Wall’s focus has always been to add value by putting together excellent teams for the design and manufacture of products resulting in high quality, performance and low costs that meet or exceeds customer or project requirements.

Gary McVay, Technical Advisor
Dr. Gary L. McVay joined IEP as a technical advisor and provides key guidance on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) commercialization and strategic SOFC industry partnerships. Dr. McVay’s distinguished career includes senior management positions at DOE’s Pacific Northwest, Sandia and Argonne National Labs. His recent position as Manager, Fuel Cell Programs for the Energy Environment Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) includes division-level strategic planning and major business development where he has developed several strategic activities including the Northwest Alliance for Transportation Technologies (NATT), High Temperature Electrochemistry Center, Zero Emissions Research and Technology Center, and the Solid-State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA).

Richard T. StuebiRichard T. Stuebi, Strategic Advisor
Mr. Stuebi previously served in a management capacity with IEP and remains a consultant to the company providing advice on matters of strategy and financing. He is the Founder and President of NextWave Energy, a professional advisory services firm providing business development support to companies with interests in new energy technologies. He is also a Managing Director of Early Stage Partners, a Cleveland-based venture capital firm, where he leads cleantech investment activities.  Richard has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and consultant in the energy industry, and correspondingly has broad and deep knowledge and contacts to offer IEP.

Roger Wertheimer, Legal Advisor
Roger Wertheimer has more than 20 years of experience in the practice of law proving his diversity by successfully navigating the legalities for two large multi-billion dollar public and private companies. His background and expertise extends to large and complex commercial contract negotiations, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, human resources and industrial relations, risk management, litigation, securities law, intellectual property among others. Mr. Wertheimer’s responsibilities for IEP include those customarily associated with general counsel, including land mineral lease acquisitions, Series A corporate financing and related transactional documentation, assisting in IP development, strategic planning, and implementation of IEP’s Business Plan. Mr. Wertheimer is licensed to practice law in Colorado and Ohio.