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Company Overview

  • Experienced energy technology company
  • Using clean technology to produce energy for the U.S. economy
  • GFC commercialization being completed with major strategic partners

About Us

Balancing the increasing demand for energy with economic and environmentally friendly ways to access that energy is no easy task. Reaching unconventional energy sources is even more complicated. Independent Energy Partners, Inc. (IEP) is solving both issues with their breakthrough in-situ Geothermic Fuel Cell™ (GFC) combined heat and power technology system. Aiming to improve a current process resulted in innovation that dramatically lowers the cost of oil and natural gas recovery from oil shale, coal and a variety of other unconventional hydrocarbon resources, including shut-in oil fields, tar sands and heavy oil deposits, while producing ‘green’ baseload electricity as a byproduct. The environmental benefits of IEP’s GFC method are compelling when compared to other retorting, strip mining, energy- and water-consuming techniques that have been attempted for unconventional oil recovery. IEP holds exclusive rights to broad, patented GFC technology in the U.S. and Canada.

Our Denver, Colorado headquarters is an ideal energy hub for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Our Mission

Independent Energy Partners, Inc. makes possible the economic and environmentally responsible recovery of unconventional hydrocarbon resources utilizing its patented Geothermic Fuel Cell technology. Application of GFCs will provide a means for the United States to develop its vast unconventional domestic resources, achieving reduced reliance on imported oil and result in enhanced energy, economic and national security for our country.